Muslim Women- We Are Not Commodities To Be Sold In Your Political Marketplace

The ban and the subsequent discussion from the international online community actually worked to affirm my values as a Muslim woman living in the west, who endures daily micro-aggressions. Personally attacking my identity, self-esteem and confidence, underlining just how massively transformative and revolutionary the act of veiling or wearing a Hijab, Burqa, Niqab, Jilbaab has become around the globe, and just how feared the act is. Muslim women who go about our daily business have managed to rock political spheres, courts, the rule of law, and media outlets, becoming the topic of debate on the lips of the world over, simply for what we look like. A platform created via scrutiny, I can’t say any other religious group has been given. This serves as a further reminder, irrespective of your opinion on it, of the monumental personal shift of empowerment and self-confidence that I experience as a Muslim woman when choosing to cover in a world that has made it both challenging and dangerous to do so. Revealing the global impact these implications have. It is important to discuss modesty in this context, something that is not reserved just for us, yet we seem to the be the only group of women personally attacked for choosing to uphold such principles, and for how we choose to uphold them too.

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