Neil Hamilton On BBC Question Time Gets Royally Shown Up By David Dimbleby

When asked to confirm the other man involved was Hookem, Farage said: “I’m not going to get involved in the blame game.

“We’ve got a colleague, who was in a very bad place a few hours ago, so much so that a few of us thought ‘is he actually going to make it?’

“For the moment, I just want to say, for his sake and his family’s sake, thank God that he is getting better.”

He added: “It’s two grown men, getting involved in an altercation… it’s not very seemly behaviour but I’m not today going to get involved in the blame game, name names or say who did what. But it shouldn’t have happened.”

He called the incident “a dispute that finished up physically” but added he did not witness it himself, saying it happened outside the room where the meeting took place.

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