Nigel Farage Admonishes Vote Leave Campaign’s £350m NHS Spend Pledge

Questioned by Bloomberg, Farage said the £350m claim was “mildly irresponsible” but that it was a “tiddly” falsehood “compared to the other side”.

He accused the Remain campaign of saying there were no plans to create a European army before pointing to plans for further “defence integration” between the 28-country bloc.

“Lots of ideas get discussed on both sides in any election, whether its a general election, a presidential election or a referendum,” Farage told Bloomberg.

“The key thing is what was the greatest democratic exercise of the UK, we have voted to leave this political Union.”

His comments today echo those made on June 24, the day after Brits voted to leave the EU, when he branded the £350m pledge a “mistake”.

They also chime with the UK Statistics Authority, which criticised ‘Vote Leave’ officials for advertising the “misleading” figure on their campaign literature and battlebus.

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