Nigel Farage Attacks Theresa May For Call To Stop Third-Wheeling Her Relationship With Trump

The Trump advisor also played down allegations of soaring hate crime in the US since the election, saying: “I think the whole thing is being exaggerated, by a group of people who just can’t accept the result.”

Questioned about his hopes for Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right party the Front National, Farage added it was possible she could emulate Brexit and Trump’s success to become President next year.

He said: “Marine Le Pen has done a pretty good job… I’ve never said a bad word about her but I’ve never said a good word about the Front National.”

Farage speculated she would win the first of the two-round Presidential election due to take place next year

He stopped short of saying she would win outright, but said: “Events between now and April could drive things in her direction. As 2016 has proven, with Brexit and Trump, nothing now is impossible.”


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