Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson And The Media Targeted By Hope Not Hate For Post-Brexit Hate Crime

The deliberate “lies” told by leading Brexit campaigners caused a rise in hate crime following the EU referendum, MPs have been told

Nick Lowles, chief executive of the charity Hope Not Hate, said Nigel Farage and Leave.EU founder Arron Banks had “form” of pandering to racists and xenophobes who saw violence “as a means to an end”.

Speaking at the Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday, Lowles said: “There was a deliberate strategy by Arron Banks’ group to use emotion – to deliberately highlight immigration, sovereignty, nationality as a tool to wind people up.

“Obviously for the vast majority of people, that was just about voting in the referendum but I think there was a deliberate attempt to toxify and polarise the debate…

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