Nigel Farage Brexit Poster Deemed ‘Too Personal’ By David Cameron Before Referendum

The revelations of Cameron’s stance appear in a new book by Philip Webster, former political editor of The Times, in his book, Inside Story.

As reported by The Times, Craig Oliver, Cameron’s chief spin doctor, decided the poster was “too toxic”.

The PM’s camp was convinced the economic consequences of leaving the EU would be more important to voters than immigration, which in hindsight was a massive mis-judgement of the public mood.

A Remain camp source said: “This was the crime. We had nothing to say. Campaigns have to be fluid and adapt and this one had nothing on immigration and the country clearly felt like ‘they’ were not listening.”

Another poster showed a scruffy Boris Johnson walking towards Downing Street with the caption: “Be careful what you wish for.”

The companies behind the ads, Saatchi Saatchi and MC Saatchi, have previously released other posters that didn’t make the cut.

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