Nigel Farage Dismisses Anti-Donald Trump And Brexit Protestors As ‘Professionals’ Too Lazy To Vote

Farage’s extraordinary meeting with Trump – before any other British politician, or other world leaders – came amid a series of street protests in New York and other major US cities.

His words on ‘Fox and Friends Weekend’ criticising protestors may ring hollow to many since he said in May that a narrow 52-48% win for Remain side would be “unfinished business”, and would prompt him to fight for a second referendum.

In July, thousands of demonstrators marched through central London in protest against the vote to leave the European Union.

While many protestors are angry at Trump’s racist and sexist comments throughout the campaign, others are questioning the President-elect’s mandate since Hillary Clinton is on course to win the popular vote.

On Fox News, Farage said:

“The only people who are moaning (about Brexit) are the full-time professional protestors, like the lot we saw here (gesturing to New York). By the way, none of them voted because they can’t get out of bed. And yet they’re happy to protest.

“Generally in the UK, people are accepting of the vote. There are some who will go on moaning, there are some who will go on protesting. I have no doubt we are getting back our independence.”  

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