Nigel Farage Facing Death Threats As Ukip Leader Labelled ‘Britain’s Most Hated Man’

Farage admitted Trump’s comments – which included boasting about sexually assaulting women, mocking the disabled, proposing banning all Muslims from the United States, criticising the parents of an American solider killed in Iraq and lied about having supported the war, questioning the impartiality of a judge based on their ethnicity, making fun of a Republican Senator who had been a prisoner during Vietnam, praising Vladimir Putin, refusing to rule out dropping nuclear weapons on Europe, encouraging violence against protestors, claiming the election was rigged and suggesting he would not accept the result – were at times “over the top”.

Farage said:

“Show your son the two speeches that Trump has given to the nation in the last week where he has been absolutely magnanimous in victory. He’s talked about being the President for all Americans.

“Sometimes things get said in election campaigns that are bitter, heated and I think people are quite capable – Donald Trump himself – of, at times, going over the top.

“But I would urge you Paul, if your son is scared about the next US President, look at those addresses to the nation.

“I hope it sets your mind at rest at least a little bit.”

Downing Street has flatly rejected calls to take advantage of Farage’s links to the Trump camp.

But he said on LBC:

“Regardless of what Downing Street thinks, I’m going back to America at the end of this week, I’m going to meet all sorts of people and I shall say to them ‘regardless of whether the Government uses me or not, please forgive some of the things that were said about your president during the election campaign, it’s in both of our interests to get closer.” 

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