Nigel Farage Forced To Admit EU Referendum Not Legally Binding Under Current Law

But Miller said that “the papers, the [Daily] Mail in particular, have been shameful”.

The Mail sparked outrage among lawyers last week when it declared on its front page that the three judges in the Brexit case were “Enemies of the People”. 

Miller has received rape and death threats for her role in the Brexit process, and some newspapers highlighted the fact that she was born in Guyana although she grew up in the UK.

She told the Marr Show that the backlash had brought out the “dark side” of society, with “every -ism you can think of, sexism, racism..”

“I was aware there would be nastiness because anything to do with the word Brexit, people lose their minds and it’s all about heart.”

Commons Leader and former Europe minister David Lidington later told ITV1’s Peston on Sunday programme that while the EU referendum was only advisory, politicians on all sides had made clear beforehand that they would accept the result.

“Everybody accepted that while in strict legal terms, you could say the referendum was advisory not legally binding, we all accepted it was politically binding on the Government of the day and on Parliament.”

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