Nigel Farage’s Pro-Brexit ‘March On The Courts’ Slammed By Senior Judge And Tory MPs

“The Lord Chancellor has a statutory obligation to do it. That is one of her functions, to defend the judiciary.

“And it was a little too late and not a lot. To say you believe in independence of judges is fine but it doesn’t actually address why this matters at a particular time.”

On Monday night, Truss was confronted about her conduct at a private meeting with several Tory MPs with legal backgrounds.

Truss is understood to have said that her role as Lord Chancellor was not to defend the judges from “all comers”, such as the press, but only from government interference.

However, she told her critics that her department had learnt its lessons and would be “on the front foot” when the Supreme Court handed down its ruling on the appeal.

A string of Tory MPs, including Anna Soubry, Sir Edward Garnier and former Attorney General Dominic Grieve, have mobilised in recent days to defend the courts.

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