Nintendo to offer glance of new diversion system

Everyone is going crazy over Pokemon Go

The wait is roughly over.

Nintendo says it’s going to diffuse some of a poser surrounding a long-awaited new home video diversion complement — codenamed “NX” — on Thursday morning in a U.S.

“Be among a initial to learn #NX,” Nintendo (NTDOF) tweeted with a print of Mario peering out from behind a curtain. “Watch a Preview Trailer during 7am PT/10am ET.”

Many fans have been energetically available word on a NX given Nintendo slipped a flitting mention of a new device into a quarterly financial news in April. Other than a designed recover date of Mar 2017, a Japanese association supposing small information about what it called “a mint concept.”

Gamers will find out some-more Thursday morning on Nintendo’s website, where a 3-minute trailer for a NX will appear.

Investors seem to be anticipating it will uncover something groundbreaking adequate to assistance spin around Nintendo’s fortunes. The company’s batch gained as most as 4.6% in Tokyo after a preview announcement.

Nintendo’s share cost some-more than doubled in Jul following a recover of a hugely renouned protracted existence diversion Pokemon Go. But a batch after gave adult some of those gains after a association pronounced a diversion would have only a “limited” effect on a bottom line. It got another lift final month after Nintendo pronounced it would release a new Super Mario game in Apple’s iOS store this year.

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But Nintendo’s prior home video diversion system, a Wii U, was a large flop. Only around 13 million Wii U consoles have been sole given a Nov 2012 release, a fragment of a some-more than 100 million sales clocked adult by a pound strike predecessor, a Wii. The association posted a detriment of around $237 million for a 3 months by June.

Consoles launched a year after a Wii U by rivals Sony (SNE) and Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) have absolutely outsold it.

Those dual companies also have new machines on a way. Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, an ascent of a stream console, goes on sale subsequent month. And Microsoft has dropped some hints about a new device, famous as Project Scorpio, that is approaching to come out around a 2017 holiday season.

— Yoko Wakatsuki contributed to this report.

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