Not Challenging Immigration Rhetoric Now Will Lead Society Down A Dark Path

You can donate to, or even organise, a local collection for refugees (clothes and food are key, but a lump sum of money is useful if you’re unsure what to give)- find out more about this by getting in touch with CalAid, Help Refugees, Refugee Action or a variety of other organisations. You can contact your local MP and demand more action from them in Parliament. You can sign one of the many petitions going around asking for a more substantial response from our government. But if you don’t have the time or the money or the energy to do any of these things, we can all do one very simple thing: stand up against the rhetoric that demonises these people, these human beings and instead call for a compassionate, loving response, the response you would hope your mother, your child your loved ones would receive were they in the same situation.

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