Now It’s Up To Schools, Not The Government, To Protect New Teachers From Workload

We can never challenge workload whilst schools are at best, standing helplessly by, telling our NQTs that it’s the way it is, or worse, claiming it is a political issue, shrugging and saying, “Yeah, but Ofsted though.” School policy and culture makes or breaks workload. As embarrassing a truth as it might be, many practices in school do not have anything to do with the government. Nicky Morgan did not decide, at one school in which I worked, that nobody was allowed any morning break. At another, Michael Gove did not decide that all detentions given must be manually chased up and run by that individual teacher. As the DfE announce that school-led routes account for half of all teacher training places taken, we must ensure that new teachers start their careers in environments that set a good precedent for work-life balance, where workload is modelled well by senior staff so that staying in a teaching job is sustainable.

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