OnePlus 3T Review

This charges the phone at a much higher current than would normally be allowed.

They’ve managed this by moving the power management systems to the plug itself, a main reason why smartphones get so hot when they’re charged.

This means you can get a day’s charge in 30mins without any overheating.

Who should buy the OnePlus 3T?

The OnePlus 3T is simply a continuation of the ethos that makes OnePlus phones so good. It’s exceptionally well-built, powerful and offers you everything you could want in an affordable and meaningful package. No smartphone will give you more value for money.

Who shouldn’t buy the OnePlus 3T

If the OnePlus has any flaws it is that it isn’t waterproof, the screen icons still feel a bit ‘my first smartphone’ and the camera isn’t the best we’ve ever used. For Android die-hards the lack of a microSD card slot might be a problem, but we can’t see it being a deal breaker.

The OnePlus 3T Price: 64GB £399, 128GB £439

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