Open Britain Exposes All The Times Brexiters Promised We Wouldn’t Leave The Single Market

There’s been much talk since the EU referendum of Brexiters backpedalling on promises they gave voters: £350m a week for the NHS, a points-based immigration system, that the economy wouldn’t tank after the vote. 

Now campaign group ‘Open Britain’ are pointing out the sudden change some architects of the ‘Leave’ operation have performed on what Brexit means for our place in the Single Market. 

First Tory MEP Daniel Hannan was skewered on the subject by Newsnight’s Evan Davies.

But now he, Nigel Farage and head of Vote Leave, Matthew Elliot, have been spliced together in one 90-second clip decrying a place for post-Brexit Britain outside the Single Market, the system that means countries can trade without tariffs based on agreements on things like immigration.

The video includes highlights such as:

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