Overnight The World Has Become A More Polarised And Dangerous Place For Us All

Trump has been branded a bigot, a misogynist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, racist and a sociopath. But he’s not the first person with insalubrious credentials to be elected as President, look at the some of the world leaders that preside today in North Korea, Russia, and Zimbabwe. The list goes on. Power hungry zealots have a historical habit of snaring power. Trump has bagged the biggest global prize of all. But you know what, I kept muttering, ‘I think Trump will win.’ My husband said it was unlikely, but deep inside I just felt Clinton had too much stacked against her. There has also been a shift to the far-right, which started ever since 9/11, the subsequent wars, the immigration crisis and the polarisation between the west and Islam. Now we have just seen the world become even more polarised overnight and the global markets have taken a nosedive. With France and Germany due to go to the polls, will we see something similar – a clean far-right sweep to power?

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