Owen Jones Backs Jeremy Corbyn ‘To Give Him Another Chance’ But Warns He Must Poll Better

Owen Jones has revealed he is backing Jeremy Corbyn again but suggested the Labour leader should go if his polling does not improve. 

The Left wing journalist backed Corbyn last time with gusto but has struck a more sceptical tone in this leadership contest, warning some on Labour’s Left are more interested in “proving how Left wing they are” than winning power.

In a film for Channel 4 News broadcast on Wednesday evening, Jones said he liked challenger Owen Smith but did not feel he was more electable as Corbyn.

Jones said: “I think MPs [like Smith] are absolutely critical to the future of the Labour Party and, if I genuinely thought he had a better shot of becoming PM, then I’d back him. But I just don’t.

“So I’m voting for Jeremy again to give him another chance but this time things do have to be different.”

He added: “If the challenges aren’t met and the polling doesn’t improve before an election, then we will have to think again.”

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