Owen Smith Jeered And Heckled At Labour Women’s Network Hustings For Defending ‘Sexist’ Comments

“It has been the most mortifying experience for me in this contest to have been painted as sexist because it’s the last thing I am,” he told women Labour members.

“In truth, some of the things you said reflected the way in which some phrases I used, either in a tweet or speech, have been decontextualised and repeated in order to portray me as being sexist.”

Smith was interrupted for claiming he wasn’t thinking of May as a woman when he made the comment he has since apologised for about “smash[ing] her back on her heels”.

Another member heckled him, saying: “But she is a woman.”

The Pontypridd MP responded that it was an “ugly phrase” and one he had repeatedly apologised for.

“To extrapolate from that that i am a sexist is untrue,” he said, pointing to the support of senior female colleagues Kate Green, Heidi Alexander and Lisa Nandy, all three of whom co-Chair his leadership campaign.

“I’ve never suggested that women should be seen and not heard, which is how some of the other things I’ve said have been interpreted,” Smith said. “All I can do is apologise for any offence that’s been caused by any of the things i’ve said.”


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