Owen Smith Suggests Jeremy Corbyn Is A ‘Lunatic’ Leader Of Labour

Smith also told the rally there was “no god given right of the Labour Party to exist” and it risked being “lost for generations” if Corbyn remained in charge.

“I don’t think we will win an election with Jeremy,” he said. “If we don’t win that election, I fear for our legacy.”

And he urged party members not to quit the party if Corbyn is re-elected Labour. “If he he wins, please don’t resign, because we’ve got make sure we have people fighting for our values,” he said. 

Smith’s comments came as Corbyn was engulfed in a row, that has become known as ‘traingate’, over if he had told the truth about whether there had been any spare seats on a train or not.

Corbyn will face Smith in a head-to-head leadership debate on Thursday evening.

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