Owen Smith Won The Leadership Election Among Pre-2015 Members And Under-24s, Exit Poll Claims

Owen Smith beat Jeremy Corbyn among Labour party members who joined the party before 2015, a new exit poll has revealed.

Although he was defeated in the overall election, the YouGov/ElectionData poll found that Smith also won among 18-24 year-olds and Scottish party members.

The survey found that 63% of pre-2015 party members had backed the Pontypridd MP, to just 37% for Corbyn.

But the current leader had a huge lead among the tens of thousands who have joined the party since Ed Miliband quit, with 74% of them backing him to just 24% for Smith.

Among those who had joined since Corbyn became leader, a massive 83% said they had voted for him in the 2016 leader election, and 15% voted Smith.

The exit poll was among members only and did not include ‘registered supporters’ or trade unionists and other affiliates.

ElectionData pollster Ian Warren, who commissioned the poll, said the exit survey result was “spot on” when compared to the final result.

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