Owen Smith’s OWN Local Party Members Back Jeremy Corbyn, New Data Claims

Owen Smith’s own Labour constituency members are backing Jeremy Corbyn by a margin of two to one, according to new data seen by HuffPost UK.

The figures, gathered by the Corbyn campaign, found that 64% of party members in Pontypridd will vote for the leader, and just 29% for their local MP.

Some 56% of Pontypridd CLP members responded to the straw poll, with 5% saying they were ‘undecided’ and 2% refusing to say.

The statistics – contained in an internal memo – were compiled from Labour members contacted via phone call, text, email or online campaign apps, as well as from shared data provided by Labour HQ.

They emerged as the two contenders for the Labour leadership election prepared for their BBC Question Time hustings on Thursday evening.

As just over half of the local party members responded to the poll, Smith’s camp may claim it is unrepresentative, but the Corbyn camp points out that its statistics have in the past proved ‘highly accurate’.

During the 2015 Labour leader race, the Islington North MP’s team accurately predicted the final electoral college results to within one percentage point, sources said.

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