Parliament WILL Get A Chance To Reject Final Brexit Deal, Government Confirms

The shift in position was unveiled on the third day of the High Court challenge against the Government by a businesswoman who is demanding that MPs be given more of a say over Brexit.

Gina Miller says that MPs should have a vote on the timing of Article 50, the process that formally begins the UK’s exit from the EU.

Government lawyers oppose the case, stressing that May is legally within her rights to go ahead with the formal process next March, using Royal Prerogative powers.

The Attorney General Jeremy Wright has argued strongly in court that the court challenge is an attempt to “invalidate” the public’s decision to quit the EU.

But today’s remarks suggest that the Government is keen to reassure Tory MPs that they will get a final say on the eventual package drafted by the Government, which is due sometime in 2019.

The PM’s spokeswoman said that the “caveats” to the court remarks were that the final shape of any Brexit deal was currently unknown.

“But there will be obligations to meet with regard to the [2010] Constitutional Reform and Governance Act [which obliges the UK to allow Parliament to ratify international treaties rather than use Royal Prerogative powers] and we would consider the outcome against those obligations – and meet them.”

UK voters opted in favour of leaving the EU by 51.9% to 48.1% in a referendum in June.

The Government sought to avoid a Tory rebellion over Article 50 last week by suggesting MPs could at some point in the future have more of a say on Brexit.

However, some observers of the court case suggested that more significant than the Government lawyer’s remarks was the hint from the judge that he could uphold the challenge.

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