Paul Mason Calls For Boycott Of The Sun After Tabloid Catches Him Plotting To Oust Jeremy Corbyn

Paul Mason has launched a scathing attack on The Sun newspaper for its discovery the die-hard Jeremy Corbyn loyalist secretly called for him to be ousted as leader.

Mason, former economics editor at Channel 4 and BBC’s Newsnight, reacted to the covert filming of his comments made in a bar in Liverpool by calling for a boycott of The Sun and branding its journalists “scabs”. 

He also issued a personal insult at the paper’s political editor Tom Newton Dunn, saying it was “sad that a man with two last names and a hyphen has to employ people to spy on private conversations of other journalists”. 

On Friday, The Sun revealed how Mason talked privately with a contact about Corbyn’s lack of appeal to working class voters, a quality frequently boasted about by the Labour leader’s supporters. 

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