‘People’s Challenge’ Planning Legal Case Against Theresa May’s Plan To Trigger Brexit Without Parliament Vote

Mr Pigney, who said his background includes working in IT, suggested MPs need to take “account” of the referendum result, noting: “The referendum was, in effect, a Parliament-organised opinion poll. Parliament has to take it into account.”

Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin, chairman of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, said of the legal challenges: “This is ludicrous, it’s desperate and it’s people who cannot face the truth that Britain’s membership of the European community has lost democratic consent and that’s what counts.”

Ukip MP Douglas Carswell suggested those pursuing cases against how the EU referendum result is delivered are “out of touch”.

He said: “It’s very clear as a point of law that the Government can trigger Article 50 without a vote in the Commons.

“The issue is whether or not judicial activists try to subvert the referendum result despite the fact that the law is crystal clear.”

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