Pete Waterman Called As Expert In BBC Railway Nationalisation Debate, Gets A ‘Lot Of Stick’

Harrison said she “absolutely” didn’t agree with Waterman’s claim that her views were politicsed, saying she started it as a “frustrated passenger”.

“It’s not politically driven at al, this campaign has support from across the political spectrum.”

But Waterman continued to say Harrison’s standpoint was politicised, saying she must also want to nationalise buses and electricity companies: “If we’re going to go ideoogical, let’s go all the way and do everything.”

Harrison agreed that “bus companies should be in public ownership” and added: “I would just say that whenever I am asked by the BBC to talk about the railways, the only people who you can find to debate the issue with are either highly-paid lobbyists from free market think tanks, or they’re millionaires like Pete Waterman, and that says it all to me.

“The passengers on the street want public ownership.”

“All right, it’s a political issue then,” Waterman snapped back. “You’ve brought it down to me being a millionaire, so it’s a political issue.”

“Well, you can afford the train tickets can’t you Pete?” Harrison replied, before being cut off again by Waterman, who said: “In 1974 I wasn’t a millionaire and I still travelled every day of the week.”

Before things could get more heated, host Mishal Husain ended the discussion, remarking that rail nationalisation was “perhaps a political issue, certainly an emotive issue.”

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