Physicist Explains Why He Thinks Gravity Is Just An Illusion

Many physicists are attempting to reconcile our conventional understanding of gravity and quantum mechanics with a theory of everything.

But Verlinde has an alternative take.

He boldly suggests dark matter doesn’t exist and gravity is an illusion.

Gravity is understood to be a fundamental force of nature, but Verlinde contests that actually it’s what’s called an emergent phenomenon.

Emergent phenomena arise from the movement of microscopic particles, heat being the best known example.

Verlinde suggests the gravity is an emergent phenomenon of the entropy of the universe – a way of describing the chaos of the universe’s thermodynamics.

Science Alert’s Fiona MacDonald explains:

“The more chaotic something is, the more information is takes to describe it, and the more entropy it has.”

Verlinde says the fundamental bits of information stored in the fabric of space time can shift and move towards high entropy, causing a force that acts like gravity.

The theory hasn’t even been published in a peer-reviewed journal yet, but it’s certainly a thought-provoking way of seeing the universe. 

“We might be standing on the brink of a new scientific revolution that will radically change our views on the very nature of space, time and gravity,” Verlinde adds.  

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