Police examine 58 chemsex deaths after London murder trial

Anthony Walgate, 23

Walgate, Stephen Port’s initial victim, was creatively from Hull, northern England, though came to London to investigate fashion. He worked as a masculine chaperon to assistance account his studies.
After overdosing him with GHB, Port dumped his physique and called a police, observant he had found a passed male by chance.
Port was tracked down by his phone number, and after he was found to have lied to police, he was charged, and after jailed for 8 months.

Gabriel Kovari, 22

Originally from Slovakia, military contend Kovari came to London “to start a new life.”
He changed into Port’s unit after they met on a dating website, and a torpedo concluded to put him adult on a sofa, lease free.
Kovari’s physique was found dumped 500 meters divided in a cemetery by a dog walker. He was propped adult opposite a wall, wearing sunglasses, subsequent to a bag of his belongings.

Daniel Whitworth, 21

Whitworth, a trainee chef, met Port by a Fitlads dating website.
His physique was found by a same dog hiker in a same mark as Kovari.
His phone was blank and Port had placed a feign self-murder note in his hand, in that he seemed to confess to a genocide of a immature Slovakian a month before.

Jack Taylor, 25

Forklift lorry motorist Taylor lived with his relatives in easterly London, not distant from Port’s home.
After celebration with friends in a internal happy club, he went home and saw his father, before hooking adult with Port on happy dating app Grindr and holding a cab to his flat.
His physique was found nearby a graveyard, in identical resources to Whitworth and Kovari.

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