Post-Brexit Racist And Religious Hate Crimes Spiked In Month After Vote

Since it was published, such stories have continued to emerge.

One expert told HuffPost UK this was a surge in “celebratory racism” because some white Brits felt they have “finally got something” after the referendum.

The result has encouraged a new kind of hostility towards “anyone who is different”, as the idea of ‘Englishness’ becomes exclusively white and Christian, according to Dr Paul Bagguley, from the Centre of Ethnicity and Racism Studies at Leeds University.

Bagguley claimed the leadership crisis in both the Conservative and Labour parties had added to a feeling of lawlessness in which people do things they “frankly wouldn’t do” normally.

But expressions of hate have been countered by gestures of solidarity. From flowers being handed out at school to dozens of cards being sent to a Polish centre that was the target of racist abuse people have going out of their way to make sure people of other cultures feel welcome.

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