Premier League’s best-value signing?

The English Premier League is awash with money, with its current TV deal reportedly worth nearly $11 billion. But which Premier League players are delivering the best bang for the buck for their clubs?
Player ROI, or return on investment, compares players’ game performance to their transfer cost and salary to find out.

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The soccer formula tracks a number of live on-field performance indicators — such as goals, passes and defensive actions like blocks and interceptions — in relation to a player’s transfer fee and weekly wage.

As the season unfolds, the performance scores of the 20 players will naturally rise, with the best summer signings accumulating the highest totals. The most expensive player may be the best performer, but that doesn’t necessarily make him the best signing.

Game and player data comes from official league and club websites, while transfer fees and salaries are based on a number of respected British media reports.

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