President Obama to guest revise Wired

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What else can we presumably supplement to your resume after portion as boss of a United States? Magazine editor, apparently.

President Obama will guest revise a Nov emanate of Wired, that a repository is touting as a initial time a repository has been edited by a sitting president.

The issue, scheduled to come out in October, will concentration on “the subsequent hurdles that amiability will need to overcome to pierce forward,” according to an announcement Tuesday from Wired.

“These will embody personal frontiers, from pointing medicine to tellurian performance; internal frontiers, including regulating information in civic formulation and creation certain renewable appetite works for everyone; inhabitant frontiers, from polite rights to medical data,” Robert Capps, conduct of editorial during Wired, wrote in a announcement.

It will also embody “international frontiers, like meridian change and cybersecurity; and final frontiers, including space transport and Artificial Intelligence,” according to Capps.

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The proclamation comes only days after Wired permitted Hillary Clinton, imprinting a magazine’s initial presidential publicity in a 23-year history.

Clinton won Wired’s regard for ancillary net neutrality, pledging to strengthen a Affordable Care Act, and aiming to make immigration easier for people with STEM degrees.

The Obama administration has been quite friendly with a record attention that Wired covers.

Dozens of Obama staffers have left for jobs during companies like Google (GOOG), Facebook (FB, Tech30), Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) and Uber — and executives from some of these companies have also taken record roles in a Obama administration.

Obama, like Clinton, has pushed for issues upheld by Wired and a tech community, including entrepreneurship and a need for immigration remodel for learned workers.

Obama has even suggested he might be meddlesome in doing some work as a try entrepreneur after withdrawal office.

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