Prevent: Where Perception Is More Important Than Reality

Local engagement by coordinators and practitioners is rarely considered as part of Prevent engagement at grass-roots, in fact, it doesn’t seem to be included at all. Earlier this year, in partnership with Faith Associates a national faith-based organisation, Birmingham City Council launched a safeguarding toolkit for faith based settings following an extensive consultation with over a 100 faith institutions. During Ramadan 30 Mosques across Birmingham joined together to launch a booklet challenging Daesh narratives and over 50,000 copies were distributed to congregations across the city. KIKIT, a local substance misuse charity, works with 20 Mosques across the city providing support around a range of vulnerabilities including radicalisation, and we have local activists who regularly come out and challenge extremist speakers online and on the streets who do so because they care. This sort of community engagement is replicated around the country.

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