#PricedOutLondoner Is Hacking Tesco Food Prices To Mirror Soaring London House Prices

The result is that a loaf of bread would set you back £10.41 if its price jumped 733%, like house prices have in Chelsea in 20 years. A bottle of Heinz ketchup would be £15.52 to mirror the 676% increase in Dalston in the same period, while the rise of 698% in Frognal Fizjohns, Camden, is the equivalent of £17.96 for a 2kg bag of rice.

The campaign was launched by Londoners Nathalie Gordon and Wren Graham, both 28-year-old advertising creatives, using house price data from Foxtons. 

Gordon told The Huffington Post UK they want to make the house prices more tangible “and often more ridiculous” and show that owning a home has become a “luxury of the rich and not a right of all”.

“You wouldn’t put up with paying £30+ for cheese, so why are we putting up with these ludicrous rates of inflation making owning a home nothing but a fantasy?” she said.

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