‘Racist’ Nigel Farage and Le Pen Should Not Be Allowed To ‘Hijack’ Brexit Vote, Tim Farron Warns

Reported hate crimes have spiked since the UK voted to leave.

The UK has seen a surge of “celebratory racism” after the Brexit result, as some white Brits feel they have “finally got something,” one academic told HuffPost UK last month.

Farron will also plead with “the many candidates for high positions in Westminster” – including Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith – to join him in vowing to prevent the Government from trying to ‘uproot’ EU migrants in the UK.

He will declare that the tens of thousands of EU migrants who help run Britain’s hospitals and schools should not be kicked out after Brexit.

“We can say to those from other countries who have committed their lives alongside us in the UK: we will stand by you, no matter what.

“Let me just say that again. We will stand by you. As we stood by each other across Europe in the Second World War.”

Farron will end his speech with a tribute to the UK’s history as a haven for incomers.

“Britain is the most sophisticated and welcoming and innovative nation in the world and, in or out, we will stay that.

“And we Liberal Democrats will do whatever we can, in Parliament and outside. To reshape the way the nation works, to bring it back together. To stay civilised. To stay united. Because, wherever we were born, we love our country.”

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