Racist, Sexist Attacks On Anti-Brexit Court Campaigner Gina Miller Were ‘Criminal’, David Davis Says

“Gina Miller, who brought the case, has been subject to death threats. She has been attacked for being foreign born.

“She has been subject to racial abuse and threats of sexual violence, simply for exercising her rights as a British citizen. As has already been mentioned, the judges in her case have been attacked simply for doing their job and not dancing to the tune of the executive.

“Whether you voted Leave or Remain, we can all agree that these vicious and deplorable attacks are not what our country is about, or in keeping with British values.”

Umunna also condemned suggestions from UKIP leader Nigel Farage that 100,000 people should march on the Supreme Court when it meets next month.

“If we see a situation where our judges are intimidated, harassed and we have marches on our courts, that is taking this country down a very dangerous avenue indeed.”

During his two-year grilling over the court case in the Commons, Davis made clear the Government would not be seeking a ‘resolution’ to give effect to the court ruling.

He said was up to Parliament to table a simple motion if it so wished, but “what’s proper” for ministers is to table a bill if the Supreme Court upheld the High Court decision.

In answer to Labour’s Pat McFadden, Davis said that “as things stand”, legislation would be needed.

“Bascially he’s right. What the courts said was you cannot remove rights without legislative power and to give the Government legislative power you had to have legislation.”

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