Rally For Aleppo: Carey Mulligan Joins Demonstrators Outside Downing Street Calling For An End To Attacks On Syrians

War Child said that repeated calls for a ceasefire are not working and are calling for a clear signal to be sent to those who commit these atrocities that there will be consequences for their actions.

Mulligan said: “War Child’s message to our government is this – Not only is Aleppo a tragedy, it is a line in the sand.

“And we’re here to call on the UK to grasp this opportunity to lead from the front.  The UK can play such an important role in bolstering the international community’s resolve to finally put in place the robust measures we need to end the fighting. 

“We’re calling on you both, Theresa May and Boris Johnson and we have faith in you to act now, and help Save Aleppo’s children.”

War Child is demanding that the British government develops a robust plan to end the fighting and ensure that international humanitarian law is upheld.

This includes measure such as economic sanctions, international justice, implementing no fly zones and no bombing zones.

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