Revealed: 3,107 People ‘Purged’ From Labour Leadership Election

More than 3,000 people have been “purged” from the Labour leadership election, internal party figures have revealed.

A total of 3,107 individuals have been barred from voting for Jeremy Corbyn or Owen Smith in the contest, either because their conduct failed to comply with the ‘aims and values’ of Labour or they supported another party.

Some 40% of those ruled ineligible to vote were members who joined the party after January 2016, and 34% of them were ‘registered supporters’ who signed up in July. Just 25% of those rejected were members before January.

A further 1,616 people are under investigation and waiting to hear their fate, according to the latest ‘validation and verification’ statistics seen by HuffPost UK.

And a huge 21,102 people who applied to become registered supporters were automatically excluded from the race because they could not be found on the electoral register.

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