Rewards From Renewables, Foul Play From Fracking

Under the guise of the concerned politician, ensuring she is seen to be working solely for the many, not the elite few, Theresa May presents the shale payments as ‘making sure people personally benefit from economic decisions’ and putting local people ‘back in control over their lives’. However, the reality is that this announcement, and the assumption that local people will be keen to participate, shows that this government, under the ‘caring’ Theresa May, is treating locals and those in opposition to fracking with contempt. Putting a price on the social and environmental effects of fracking on communities is a shun of local activists and scientists alike from the UK, US and Australia who have given evidence to show earth tremors, water pollution, agricultural contamination, noise, visual effects, and all of which destroying tourism in the area. Not to mention that fracking has been proven to lead to few local jobs, and most jobs created are highly specialised, requiring expertise from further afield. To suggest that all this is worth merely £10,000 is arrogant and patronising.