Richard Branson shares bloody photos of high-speed bicycle pile-up injuries

Daredevil billionaire Richard Branson has told of a fear impulse he feared he would die after outstanding head-first onto a highway during a high speed bike crash.

The brave aristocrat was on a training cycle run with his dual grown adult children on a British Virgin Islands when disaster struck.

Richard revealed: “I went cycling on Virgin Gorda with Holly and Sam as partial of my training for a Virgin Strive Challenge.

“I was streamer down a mountain towards Leverick Bay when it unexpected got unequivocally dim and we managed to strike a ‘sleeping policeman’ mound in a highway conduct on.

“The subsequent thing we knew, we was being hurled over a handlebars and my life was literally flashing before my eyes.”

Genuinely suspicion we was going to die as we fell headfirst bike left off cliff. I’m lucky! Thanks for all your good wishes

A print posted by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on Aug 26, 2016 during 5:53am PDT

The accident-prone Virgin trainer – who transient a run in with a lethal stingray only a few months ago – pronounced he honestly suspicion he’d finally run out of lives.

“I unequivocally suspicion we was going to die. we went drifting head-first towards a petrify road, yet opportunely my shoulder and impertinence took a brunt of a impact, and we was wearing a helmet that saved my life,” he said.

“My bike went drifting off a precipice and disappeared. We’ve given recovered a crumpled bicycle, totally destroyed. My impertinence has been badly shop-worn and my knee, chin, shoulder and physique exceedingly cut.

“As we landed, once we satisfied we was alive, we began contrast my movement. we unequivocally couldn’t trust we was alive, let alone not paralyzed.

“Coincidentally, a initial chairman to arrive on a stage was my partner Helen, who had only returned from holiday. She was wondering who was fibbing abase on a road. we was so blissful to be alive that we fast was means to serve my clarity of humor, and pronounced to her: ‘I’m alive! At slightest you’ve still got a job!’

After a pile-up Richard was rushed to Miami for X-rays and scans where it was suggested he had suffered a burst impertinence and some ripped ligaments.

Forget my injuries (cracked cheek, ripped ligaments) – I’m carrying to splash tea out of a straw!

A print posted by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on Aug 26, 2016 during 6:58am PDT

“I hopefully will be means to finish the Virgin Strive Challenge next month. My biggest hardship is carrying to splash tea out of a straw. Oh, and being called elephant male by a 6 year old!” he said.

“My opinion has always been, if we tumble prosaic on your face, during slightest you’re relocating forward. All we have to do is get behind adult and try again. At slightest I’m practicing what we evangelise – yet a small too literally!

“The date of a collision only happened to be a fifth anniversary of a glow on Necker Island. What a approach to symbol it! Thankfully, good happening has smiled on me so far.

“It has been utterly a year. I’ve been in a wars knocking my teeth out personification tennis not once yet twice, and also being kissed by a ray and using into a bullet explanation door.”

This story creatively seemed in The Sun.


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