Richard Burgon Leads Attack On Michael Foster For Mail on Sunday Piece Calling Corbyn Fans ‘Nazis’

Foster wrote: “It matters not whether you are Angela Eagle with a brick through a window, Stella Creasy with a mob outside her constituency office, or Labour general secretary Iain McNicol with a letter threatening court action unless he secured victory for Corbyn at an NEC vote.

“Corbyn and his leadership team have no respect for others and worse, no respect for the rule of law. They clearly have no moral compass.”

But the Nazi comparison of Corby supporters enflamed the tensions of many, including one of the leader’s closest allies – shadow lord chancellor and shadow justice secretary Burgon.

The Leeds East MP said in response: “I do think this shows that it is necessary to speak up for decent women and men … who want a fair and more equal society and are being disgracefully demonised.”

“It’s just plain wrong.”

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