Rio Olympics get off to colorful start

olympics opening ceremony

Jorge Alberto Oliveira Gomes lights a Olympic cauldron during a opening rite of a 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016.

The disastrous broadside heading adult to a Rio Olympics fostered a clarity of both expectation and confinement surrounding a Games. So a organizers and NBC were presumably relieved to see a opening rite mounted yet a poignant join — that is, other than a hulking gait and magisterial duration.

Granted, a festivities followed a flattering informed template, which, loosely translated, amounted to an endless story of Brazil by song, interpretive dance and gorgeous projected images. That said, a staging, and generally a march of nations, dragged on interminably, swallowing 5 hours of airtime.

“Are we during Timor-Leste already? This is drifting by,” NBC’s Matt Lauer pronounced during one point, presumably in jest, given it was positively not.

Yet if a rite didn’t yield a arrange of shock-and-awe debate delivered by a Russians, or a expel of thousands employed by a Chinese, South America’s initial Olympics was some-more than adequate to get a pursuit done.

From a opening sequence, that looked like something out of “Tron,” to a hulk fraudulent bugs that represented life in a Amazon, a uncover confirmed Olympic tradition by during times imitative a Las Vegas revue on steroids. In a way, some of a smaller flourishes, like supermodel Gisele Bundchen strutting opposite a track building to “Girl From Ipanema,” offering some-more of a belt than a pyrotechnics.

The rite also incorporated what felt like an extended public-service announcement, citing a hazard of tellurian warming. The fact that yielded indignation in amicable media circles in a U.S. substantially says some-more about this country’s narrow-minded politics — currently as poisonous as a H2O Olympians will have to float in — as anything else.

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Not surprisingly, NBC’s coverage accentuated a positive, acknowledging concerns that have stubborn Rio yet stressing Brazil’s singular charms, along with a desire, as co-host Meredith Vieira said, to “put a headlines aside, [and] strike a reset button.”

The network also generated present criticism, with complaints about a abounding blurb breaks and a behind presentation.

It is loyal that if ever an eventuality cried out for regulating a DVR to zap past a ads, this was it. Frankly, though, such griping requires a grade of amnesia. TV prolonged ago dynamic that a Olympics can be made into an up-close-and-personal accumulation uncover in that a constructed elements during times overcome a competition, during slightest until a vital events to flog in.

For all that, a underlying ideal of a Olympics — and a lucent faces of athletes from around a universe streaming into a venue — is a clever tonic opposite cynicism. That appearance with a comfortable nod given to a group of refugees that will compete.

Besides, even in a slower moments, there are worse things than carrying Lauer solace Americans with general trivia each dual years.

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