Rodrigo Duterte, Phillipines President, Calls Channel 4 News Reporter ‘A Son Of A Wh*re’

He added: “Do not talk about it. The lives of my own people, my own citizens. You have destroyed countries, deprived their sovereignty. So where is the moral basis? Tell me?

“What is the moral basis of so many things America did in the name of human rights?”

Duterte then asked Miller whether he had any questions and said: “If you don’t, get lost, you son of a whore” in Tagalog.

Duterte is fond of the phrase, having previously called Barack Obama the same.

Duterte has been accused of being involved in extrajudicial killings when he was mayor of Davao City before he was elected president.

Human Rights Watch has called for an independent investigation into these claims, 

A former hitman claimed he murdered 50 people under Duterte’s direct orders.

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