Ryan Lochte endorsements could be in trouble

Brazilian police: US Olympic swimmers not robbed

Talk about bad timing.

Right about now, bullion medalist and swimmer Ryan Lochte could be capitalizing on a broadside deals and broadside that typically hail Olympians when they lapse to a U.S.

Instead, a 32-year-old is inextricable in a potential scandal about being robbed during gunpoint in Rio, and presumably fibbing about it.

If he did lie, that could harm his ability to land new sponsorships.

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Even though a scandal, Lochte went to Rio with fewer sponsors than he had in London, when he was permitted by companies like Gatorade, Nissan, (NSANF) Mutual of Omaha and PG (PG).

The 12-time Olympic medalist is now sponsored by Speedo, Airweave and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Speedo expelled this matter about Lochte: “Speedo is a unite of Ryan Lochte (USA). Speedo is following a situation, and has a process not to criticism on ongoing authorised investigations. We advise we hit his group for additional information.”

The other companies have nonetheless to criticism on a incident.

Lochte’s broadside deals might have been harm by a fact that his teammate Michael Phelps stole some of his rumble when he came out of retirement to go to Rio and hinted that this could be his final Olympics.

If Phelps unequivocally is done, now would be a time for Lochte to step into a spotlight and win new sponsors as one of a tip swimmers on a U.S. men’s team.

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But this liaison could make that transition a lot harder for Lochte to lift off, given one of a many critical things intensity sponsors demeanour for is a purify open image.

For Lochte, picking adult endorsements isn’t only about status — unite appropriation will be key if he wants to contest during a 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Even if he decides to retire, a liaison could harm his ability to marketplace himself outward of a pool.

What’s pivotal for Lochte now is either he responds to this occurrence with distress or rebuttal — advertisers will of march wish to see him as zero though contrite.

His teammate Phelps was in a identical mark when a print of him smoking a bong flush and he was afterwards charged with DUI. He primarily mislaid sponsors, though he won new ones after going to rehab and appearing contemptible for his actions.

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