Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe Reveals Bacon Could Follow Toblerone In Product Cut After Brexit

He said: “There may be different tastes depending on what products you buy, but I wouldn’t say we’ve reduced pack sizes or we haven’t reduced pack sizes. We don’t do that. There are branded manufacturers that do that, as you say.

“It may well be that we’ve decided that from a customer point-of-view slicing our bacon thinner is a good thing, you may not agree with that but in the end, we always work to respond to our customers’ needs.”

O’Connell asked in response: “Slicing bacon thinner is a good thing?”

Coupe replied that “Well it could be. I quite enjoy thin-sliced bacon, I like my bacon thin and crispy, so it depends on personal taste.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson later told The Huffington Post UK: “Our packs of ‘by Sainsbury’s’ bacon weighed 300g a year ago and still weigh 300g today.”

The cost of popular products to supermarkets has proven a controversial point in the wake of Brexit. 

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