Samsung halts prolongation of Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7s might be throwing fire. . . in China

Samsung has halted prolongation of a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as fears widespread that even deputy versions of a device can detonate into flames.

A chairman informed with a matter reliable a proxy cessation to CNN after South Korean news group Yonhap initial reported a news.

The proclamation comes after dungeon phone carriers in a United States and Australia pronounced they would stop charity deputy Note 7s amid concerns that a new versions are no safer from glow risk than a originals.

Soon after a Galaxy Note 7 strike stores in August, some users reported that their phones were throwing fire. Samsung (SSNLF) strictly removed a phones final month, blaming inadequate batteries for overheating a phones and causing them to ignite.

Replacement phones were ostensible to solve a issue, and users started swapping in their aged devices. But some business have been stating a same dangerous problems with their new phones.

In a past week, an American user reported his deputy phone held fire, even yet it wasn’t plugged in. And on Wednesday, smoke started billowing from a deputy Galaxy Note 7 aboard a Southwest Airline craft before it departed, call a flight’s cancellation.

Danielle Wiener-Bronner contributed to this report.

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