Samsung strike with new explain of fiery phone

galaxy note 7 recall

Another week, another impassioned problem for Samsung.

A new Galaxy Note 7, bought this week in China, detonate into abandon while charging, a owners told CNNMoney.

Hui Renjie, a 25-year aged tech worker, pronounced he systematic his Samsung device on Sunday from online tradesman It was delivered a same day.

Hui charged a smartphone overnight, though beheld early a subsequent morning that something was wrong. He pronounced that it began to evacuate black fume while still connected to a charger, and afterwards detonate into flames.

A video Hui supposing shows a cracked, smoking smartphone connected to a charger.

CNNMoney could not endorse a flawlessness of a video, though Hui supposing an picture of a receipt and photographs that support his chronicle of events.

Samsung (SSNLF) pronounced it was questioning a incident.

“We are now contacting a patron and will control a consummate hearing of a device in doubt once we accept it,” a association pronounced in a statement.

samsung note 7 glow 1

A print supposing by Hui shows a issue of a fire.

Samsung’s repute suffered a outrageous blow following a preference to remember 2.5 million Note 7s in early Sep after reports of battery fires in some devices.

China was not enclosed in that remember since a batteries in a phones sole there came from a opposite supplier, Samsung pronounced during a time.

samsung china glow box

Hui says his Galaxy Note 7 came in this box.

Since then, there have been 4 reports of battery fires in China. The South Korean organisation has rebutted during slightest dual of a reports. In one case, Samsung conduced an review and resolved that a glow was caused by an outmost feverishness source rather than a battery.

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But a world’s largest smartphone builder is confronting claims that it’s not treating Chinese business fairly.

The website of Global Times, a publication journal dependent with a statute Communist Party, has published mixed articles criticizing Samsung. One cited an consultant as observant that Samsung should explain how a Note 7 batteries in a Chinese marketplace differ from those in a rest of a world.

Samsung says a battery problem had been found in a little fragment of Note 7 phones though it was replacing all those with a potentially inadequate batteries “because a customers’ reserve is an comprehensive priority.”

Aviation authorities around a universe have warned Note 7 owners not to use or assign a phones on planes.

— Serenitie Wang and Jethro Mullen contributed reporting.

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