Samsung to Galaxy Note 7 users: Power down

Samsung recalls millions of smartphones

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Samsung are propelling owners of a Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to stop regulating a inclination while they work to formalize how a remember will work.

The warning comes a week after Samsung (SSNLF) announced a voluntary remember of 2.5 million phones worldwide since of a battery problem believed to impact 0.1% of all devices. Some business reported that their Note 7s held fire.

A supervision remember would outlaw a offered of a phone. In a statement, a group asked owners of a Note 7 “to energy them down and stop charging or regulating a device” in a meantime.

Details on an central remember will come “as shortly as possible,” a group said.

Tim Baxter, boss of Samsung Electronics America, pronounced a association is collaborating with CPSC and a conduit partners to safeguard all Note 7 users are alerted.

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Samsung, formed in South Korea, has been charity U.S. business a opposite phone, a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, and a $25 present label or check credit.

Following a U.S. announcement, Samsung on Saturday suggested Note 7 owners in South Korea to stop regulating a devices. It urged them to revisit their nearest Samsung use core where they will accept a opposite phone.

It wasn’t immediately transparent either a recommendation is being extended to a other 8 countries where Samsung is recalling a Note 7.

The Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday warned airline passengers to not use or assign their Note 7s on house an aircraft and not to reserve a phones in checked baggage.

— K.J. Kwon and Jethro Mullen contributed to this report.

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