Sarah Wollaston Accuses Jeremy Hunt And Government Of ‘False’ NHS Funding Figures

“For example, you can only arrive at the £10 billion by shifting money from public health budgets and health education and training and also by changing the date with which you calculate real-term increases.

“You can see how they’ve arrived at the figure but the real figure, we feel, should be quoted at £4.5 billion which is considerably less.

“That’s over the period of the spending review and that’s normally the period that we talk about in creases in spending. We wouldn’t normally, for other government departments, just add another extra year.

“If you look at the middle years we’re going to be looking at a far more constrained situation.” 

One in three clinical commissioning groups said they would be closing or downgrading AE departments while one in five were expected to close consultant-led maternity services.

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