Second EU Referendum Still An Option For Labour, Labour’s Emily Thornberry Hints

“They don’t have any cards…they don’t even know what game they are playing.

“They need to act on behalf of the 100% and not on behalf of an extreme 5% of the 52% [who voted to Leave]”.

During the Labour leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn refused to back the idea of a second referendum, but it was enthusiastically supported by his rival Owen Smith.

Only last week, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said Labour “must not try to re-fight the referendum or push for a second vote”.

Yet Thornberry’s hesitation suggests Labour’s policy on the issue remains in flux.

Major’s intervention, plus a strong Lib Dem campaign on Brexit in the Richmond Park by-election, has reignited the debate over a vote on the eventual EU deal hammered out between May and Brussels.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer has suggested that Labour won’t “block” Article 50”, yet the party is expected to try to amend any legislation to avoid a “hard Brexit” that pulls the UK out of the EU single market or customs union.

However, Michael Gove warned on the Marr Show that many people would be “angry” if a second referendum were to become a real prospect.

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