Senegal. Do Women Have Access To Justice?

‘Sexual harassment, well that’s everywhere!’ says one schoolteacher in the small dusty town of Mbour. I’m in the small West African nation of Senegal researching how women perceive their access to justice for my foundation Project Monma. As part of a study that involves women from four nations, Colombia, Belgium, Australia and Senegal we are trying to learn more about what types of violence women face in their countries and whether they feel they are able to receive justice for the crimes perpetrated against them. The research has brought me to the living room of a small family living in the small dusty town of Mbour. Sitting on a mat on the stone floor, trying to escape the intense heat, the teacher laughs. He does not appear to think that there is something wrong with sexual harassment being everywhere. In fact, he seems to think that it is funny.

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