Seth Meyers on that ‘Game of Thrones’ impression he is

Which Game of Thrones impression would Seth Meyers be?

Seth Meyers has finished a name for himself as one of a many outspoken domestic satirists in late night, so he substantially felt right during home in D.C. this week.

Meyers, a horde of NBC’s “Late Night,” only wrapped a week prolonged army of shows from a nation’s capitol following months of delving low into a crazy 2016 election. Meyers has finished this best around his signature bit, “Closer Look,” that both examines and creates fun of a competition (including boiling Donald Trump clearly on a nightly basis).

CNN spoke with Meyers a few weeks ago about his place in late night, his uncover after a election, and “Game of Thrones.” The review has been edited for length and clarity.

You’re during 12:30 a.m., that sets adult a good adversary between we and James Corden and “The Late Late Show,” who is kind of this viral rocket boat with “Carpool Karaoke.” Is there any vigour to be some-more viral in what we do?

Well, initial of all, we don’t cruise it a rivalry. we consider it’s unequivocally good and it’s propitious for both of us that we do such opposite shows. we feel like if we had identical styles and identical ability sets, there substantially would be a rivalry. I’m in a good place. we speak about politics, given we feel like James is some-more of a healthy entertainer. If we had James’ skills, we would feel so insanely sceptical each time we saw “Carpool Karaoke.” But, given zero would be some-more tedious than examination me expostulate around with Mariah Carey, we mostly am happy that he’s a one who’s doing it. we don’t feel that many pressure. We try unequivocally tough to speak about politics each day. Those tend to have a, obviously, smaller viral footprint, though we do it each day. Hopefully, that’s how people are immoderate a uncover as good as examination it during night.

You’ve indeed changed to a table from doing a mount adult monologue. Why did we do that? Was it only given we have bad knees or a bad back?

My behind feels improved given a shift, though that wasn’t a reason.

So many of what we’re perplexing to do is to compute from “The Tonight Show” [with Jimmy Fallon]. Jimmy does it so well. We felt like it was a mistake to try to do anything that was similar. An hour after examination him do his station digression it seemed like we competence be revelation a audience, hey, here’s some-more of a same. As against to, here’s something a small different. we also feel some-more gentle behind a desk.

You did that for years on “Weekend Update” on “Saturday Night Live.” How did being anchor of “Weekend Update” assistance we be a improved late night host?

It helps with this new iteration. we consider one of a reasons we didn’t go true to a table was we was so unfortunate to uncover people this wasn’t only going to be an prolongation of “Weekend Update”… Now that I’m behind behind a desk, that is where we feel like “Update” and all those years during “Update” are assisting a show. It’s good to tumble behind on that experience. we feel like we have good timing with revelation jokes. we feel like we have a good clarity of how to residence a camera from behind a desk. Whereas we did feel a small bit mislaid on a digression spot. we didn’t utterly know where to demeanour or what to do with my hands.

One of your many renouned sketches ever was Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones” during a cooking party… Are we a “Game of Thrones” fan?

I’m a outrageous “Game of Thrones” fan.

If we were a “Game of Thrones” impression as a late night host, that impression would we be?

we consider substantially Ned Stark. I’m going to tell it like it is, and substantially to my good detriment.

You’re Ned Stark? That didn’t finish too good for Ned.

Well, we know, come November, it competence not finish good for me.

If we weren’t a late night host, who would we watch in late night?

Well, we will acknowledge that flourishing up, a late night uncover that we was spooky with some-more than any speak uncover was “SNL.” That was my show. we will say, now, we don’t have many time to devour anyone. I’ll watch their best work online, that we feel like substantially is what a lot of people do. Schedule-wise, [John] Oliver works out a best for me given Sunday night is a one time where I’m indeed in a place where we would suffer to watch a late night show.

Oliver is kind of doing what we do with “Closer Looks,” though over 20 mins and once a week. How do we do a “Closer Looks” day to day?

We only have a unequivocally good staff… We’re unequivocally propitious to have a kind of people who can pierce unequivocally fast and lift those off on a daily basis. There’s an heated volume of work. Not only to a essay of them, though we have a good support staff who’s pulling clips and doing a investigate and creation certain we get a contribution right. It’s a credit to a whole staff.

So where do we consider “Late Night” is going? Where would we like it to go once a choosing calms down?

we consider when a uncover settles after a election, no matter a outcome, it’ll be good to not be in a heated day to day of a debate that arrange of churns adult so many dirt each day that it’s tough to see by to other stories. Obviously, there’s a lot going on outward of this election… It’ll be good to talk, we think, about some-more of those things. Things that are a small bit some-more apolitical that everybody can arrange of determine on.

Getting behind to some-more fortifying things like “Game of Thrones.”


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